Comments Made by Past Participants

From Search Committee Members:

  • Face to Face helps us learn to interview ... experiencing the interview process
  • I grew as I worked with my search committee and we became more cohesive as a group.
  • Being able to meet and talk to pastors face-to-face was a very positive aspect. To see a person (on paper) is different than meeting and talking with them in person.
  • I enjoyed meeting so many wonderful Christians. I would like to take all the candidates back to our church. They all have unique gifts...getting to see their perspectives and fine tuning our need and questions.
  • I enjoyed getting to meet several persons in a short amount of time.
  • It was a wonderful time to spend with this group and truly feel God’s presence.

From Clergy:

  • Face to Face gave me a chance to hone my skills to interview with churches.
  • I enjoyed meeting the committees.
  • The location and hospitality were great.
  • ..Just what it is intended to do…provide first contacts. I appreciated the national reps and took the opportunity to talk with them. Very helpful.
  • I was blessed by the pre-conference worship times...specially the sermons.