A Church's Face to Face Story

I encourage members of search committees [and Pastors] to enter every interview with your mind open to the possibility that God is leading in a direction that is somewhat different from your plans.

Our search committee participated in the Face to Face event of February 2009. We were scheduled for 10 interviews and we worked to get 2 others at other times during the day and half event.

As noon approached on Saturday, the final day, we were tired and overwhelmed with information from those 11 interviews.

We had talked with several promising candidates. The last pastor we were scheduled to interview was not one we had asked to interview. From just reading his profile, there were a few things that did not fit the "picture" we had of our next pastor.

My thoughts at the time were, "Let's be polite and get this last one over, so that we can head back home to meet and pray and discuss what we do next."

But, as a result of that last interview - the one we had not requested - we developed a different focus about what was important in our next pastor and what wasn't.

The rest of the story...

The rest of the story is that our last interview allowed us to meet the right person to be our pastor.

He is such a blessing to our church and to our community. We thank God -- and the schedulers -- for showing us that we should be open to change our pre-conceived ideas.

My prayer is that your experience in Face to Face will be as rewarding as ours was.

Ken Cummins

Lynhurst Baptist Church, Indianapolis