Ben participated in Face to Face to help him discern the path where God is leading. Though he did not pick the church, nor did the church pick him, for their preferences of interviews, scheduling dynamics - God's intervention through technology and partnership with the Face to Face team - brought him together with the church he now pastors.

Ben comments on what he experienced:

In no other time can you guarantee 10-12 interviews in two days. 

It is a good opportunity to look at and interview real churches, for the fraction of the time and cost it would take to normally do that many.

It is a promising experience that allows room to get to know churches and pastors. 

Even if you are not sure there is a church/pastor there for you, you may be surprised, and it is good interview practice. 

Face-to-Face is a great opportunity to interview, find out about churches and find out about your self through all the questions you are asked. 

One can not afford to miss such a great opportunity.