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Paul Gibson, Executive Minister

(217) 726-7366


Rex Rogers, Areas I & III

(779) 207 - 9188


Patty Bilyeu, Areas II & IV
 (618) 694 - 8860


Muriel Johnson, Area V
 (573) 206-4845


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6 First Baptist Church, Macomb, IL 11/29/2017


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Churches use this page to post information about the clergy leadership position they are seeking to fill. Not every church that is searching for pastoral leadership uses this; but, those who do have found it to be a helpful additional way of increasing the number of possible candidates.


Only those churches of the ABC Great Rivers Region who have worked with their GRR Staff person are able to post their positions.


If no churches are listed above, no searching churches are currently using this tool. If your GRR church would choose to use this tool, please use the "Contact" tab found at the top of the left column of this page to find the contact information for a GRR Staff person.


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