Paul Gibson, Executive Minister

(217) 726-7366


Rex Rogers, Areas I & III

(779) 207 - 9188


Patty Bilyeu, Areas II & IV
 (618) 694 - 8860


Muriel Johnson, Area V
 (573) 206-4845



Church: FBC, Decatur Senior Adult Minister




1320 Arbor Drive

IL  62526 


Average Worship Attendance: 125


Significant Ministries:


Family Life Ministry-Christian Education


Hopes and Expectations:


See attached


Vision of Ministry:


see website


Predominant Theological Stance of Congregation:






Total Budget: $375,000.00

Total ABC Missions: $30,000.00



Type of Community: Urban


Population: 72,700

Position Title:Senior Adult Ministry, Part-time


Position Description:


Senior Adult Ministry Director (SAMD)


Salary: $0.00


Housing: Housing Type


Housing Allowance: $0.00


Housing Negotiable? Choice


Search Committee Chair: Joan Moreau


1320 Arbor Drive

Decatur   IL 62526   



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(**Applies to positions to be staffed by clergy, only)


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