List Your Church's Position
on GRR Web Site

1. Your church or ministry organization must be affiliated with the ABC of the Great Rivers Region.

2. Your Search Committee meets with your Area Minister.

3. Your Area Minister explains to your Search Committee what the online listing is, its potential, its risks. She / he then entertains questions and discussion about this tool as part of the process of searching for the person God is preparing for your position.

4. Your Area Minister then presents a paper copy of the "Terms of Use" agreement to the Search Committee, noting that it must be signed by a person authorized by the church and dated and in the hands of that Area Minister.

5. Once the signed and dated document is in the hands of your Area Minister, you will be given a web address, username and password to enter the page for describing your position. The form you will use will also include the same "Terms of Use" document to be signed (by entering authorized name) and a "confidentiality" agreement in addition to the description of the position for which you are searching for the one God is leading to you.

6. When you submit the information, your Area Minister is automatically sent an e-mail as a prompt to go online and review your position description. If she/he has any questions about the information you submitted, she/he will contact you for clarification.

7. When you and she/he agree that all information is as it should be then your Area Minister will go online and enter a code to open your listing.

8. Your information will then be viewable on the "listings page."

9. Responses to your listings will be communicated by those interested through the contact information you listed when submitting your position description.

10. Your Area Minister stands ready to assist you with the entire process of your search including helping you reference those who have made contact with you through this process.