What To Do AND What Not to Do
to Make this Event a Blessing


1. Be warm and friendly.
2. Try several subjects to see which gets best data.
3. Ask one question at a time.
4. Make your questions clear.
5. Press for clarity and understanding.
6. Put the person at ease.
7. Maintain control of the interview.
8. Participate in the conversation.
9. Give information on your church in writing.
10. Be an objective observer.
11. Take copious notes.
12. Relieve any tension.
13. Allow the person you are interviewing to ask questions.
14. Follow-up with a note expressing appreciation for the interview in two weeks.


1. Ask questions that can be answered “yes” or “no”.
2. Rush into every pause with another question.
3. Fail to take notes.
4. Ask highly personal questions.
5. Show impatience or criticism of answers.
6. Jump to early conclusions.
7. Talk too much. Listen instead.
8. Let your personal attitude show.
9. Express approval or disapproval.