"The Library"

Man looking at materials

File boxes containing materials





The Library consists of 4 file "boxes." During the opening orientation, the staff will tell participants where to find the "library."

Search Committees and clergy may place materials that they bring to the event for others to browse through.

Churches and clergy need to prepare and bring top quality materials for presenting the best of themselves to one another.

The materials in the library help in the following ways:

1. Churches challenge churches to prepare the best "church profiles."

2. Churches' quality materials help clergy to more consideration of     them,even asking for an interview if not already scheduled.

3. Quality clergy materials challenge other clergy to better prepare and produce materials that introduce themselves to churches in a way to create a great first impression.

4. Clergy's quality materials are a resounding invitation for churches to better consider the clergy, including asking for an interview if not already scheduled.

The types of materials brought for the library are as unique as the clergy and churches who participate.

  • CD / DVD of themselves leading a worship service and preaching
  • CD / DVD of themselves teaching and serving in various contexts
  • CD / DVD of personal interviews of the clergy
  • Written faith journeys, statements of faith, and traditional resumes

Types of materials that churches have brought have included:

  • Booklets (in folders, 3-ring binders, plastic combed bound, and on CD and DVD) with materials about their churches - including many, many pictures of people - not just the physical plant (i.e. church building)

  • CD / DVD presentations that allow clergy to view a video of the church, the physical plant, the community and the "in-their-own-words" vision, mission, and needs of the church

Prepare your materials with care. (They reflect the care you will have for the church or the clergy.)

Bring enough copies for the Library and for the number of interviews you have (8 - 10). Pick up any of your materials remaining at the end of the Event. Those materials not picked up will be disposed / recycled.

Place several of your packets (in the form you have chosen (paper or digital) in the Library and carry the rest with you if you are clergy; or, if you are a church search committee, take them to your assigned interview room.