Search Committee Participation Agreement

  • All participants will be required to sign a Covenant
    To REGISTER ONLINE lease read then click on "I agree" button at the bottom of this page. Clicking on "I agree" button will open the search committee online registration form.
  • Non-negotiable for clergy and church search committees.

  • Registrations (Churches) & Applications (Clergy) will not be processed without a signed covenant.

  • Failure to comply with the terms of the covenant will be grounds for asking a committee or clergy candidate to withdraw from an event.

  • Promise of Confidentiality and Minimum Total Pastor Compensation (See Covenant).

Contacts Before Event

  • Churches and clergy agree not to initiate new conversations with participants registered for
    the upcoming Face to Face.

  • Contacts that began between participants prior to the receipt of the Face to Face registration materials may continue.

Inclusive environment for the search and call process

  • Each search committee will be required to interview at least one clergy female, if available.

  • Participants Must Be in Good Standing with ABCUSA

  • Churches must be affiliated with an American Baptist Region Ministry.

  • Each clergy must be registered in American Baptist Personnel Services and must be a clergy in good standing with ABCUSA.

  • Senior seminary students and graduates must also be registered with ABPS to participate. (contact your region for sponsorship by Executive Minister)

Non-Resident Participation

  • Clergy applicants and church search committees from outside the participating regions will be
    allowed to register, as space is available.

  • References from the home Region Executive and Region Minister will be required along with the
    necessary registration material and requirements.

Waiting List

  1. A waiting list may be used to assure each clergyperson has at least 5 interviews.
    Confirmation of standing on registration/wait list will be sent.

  2. Resident clergy and church search committees will be given preference.

Use of video and audio taping devices in interview sessions is not permitted.

To move on to the registration screen, click on "I agree" - to abide by the policies stated above -button below. Button goes active (i.e. opens online registration form) January 2, 2019, the opening day of registration for the March 2019 Face to Face..

(You must agree to the above to be able to register and participate in Face to Face.)

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