What Is Face to Face?

One and a half days of bringing together, for a series of “first time" interviews,

  • clergy
  • seminary seniors in the ordination process
  • church search committees

This is not an event at which to make an offer nor accept the status of candidate to be presented.

Design of Event:

Church search committees are assigned an interviewing space.

Pastors move from interview to interview.

There are ten interview slots. These are scheduled based on:

  • preference requests made during the 2nd stage of registration
  • ratio of search committees to candidates registered for the event
  • the matching process prior to the event.

While each church search committee will likely have 10 interviews scheduled, clergy may not. The multi-region Face to Face team will make every effort to offer at least 6 interviews to each clergy person. The number of interviews will be determined by the ratio in numbers of clergy to churches.

Numbers of interviews may be increased by search committees and clergy as they arrange to meet each other during the event.

There is a system using a message board, whereby clergy and churches may initiate their own interviews with participants. This may be used to meet with someone not already on the schedule of interviews or to conduct a second or follow-up interview at the event.

Additional interviews are also possible for clergy with regional
that are present at the event.

Confidentiality is a critical component of a Face to Face. To ensure the comfort level of participants, Covenant of Confidentiality is required from each individual and church.

Face to Face events provide an important educational opportunity for clergy and churches in addition to being a search and call process. In some instances, a pastor may participate and come away from a Face to Face even more committed to his or her present ministry. However, confidentiality is a key ingredient to an open, easy exchange between churches and clergy to make an event as effective and instructive as possible.

Once the names of the participants are made known to one another, no contact is allowed prior to the event. If there has been contact between a clergy and a church prior to registration, further contact is delayed until the event. Contact between a church and pastor may continue by choice after the event is over.

What to expect when you arrive

  • Opening worship
  • Orientation to acquaint you with
    • the workings of Face to Face
    • local setting - registration, "library", meals, restrooms
    • schedule.

Training is provided, separating clergy and committees into two separate groups to enhance comfort in asking questions prior to interviews.

Training may include role-playing, dos and don’ts of interviewing and inappropriate questions for the interview. The training - with commitment to confidentiality - creates a safe environment in which to ask questions and raise concerns about interviewing and being interviewed.