Next Event: April 20 - 21, 2018

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Look for more information in the coming months.

What can you expect?

Jim WalterTo gather as God's people.

To meet one another. The Face to Face Team introduces churches, pastors, and Face to Face Team members who are participating during the event.

To worship -- seeking and praising God in worship. God's people worshipping the One who calls and guides us.

Each Face to Face Team Member makes herself/himself available for answering questions and to listening to concerns of members of search committees and pastors

This availability starts with short orientation sessions for search committees and clergy. The two groups meet separately. During these sessions a Team Member shares information about the process of the Event and answers questions asked by participants.

Following the orientation, interviews begin. Each of these is 45 minutes in length. Then a 15 minute break is scheduled before the next one starts. After a few interviews back to back a longer break is given.

And GOOD FOOD. We have been very blessed by the hospitality of all churches who have hosted this event over the past 10 plus years. Each church has considered this an offering of ministry to help other American Baptist Churches find pastors and pastors discern where God is leading them to serve.