All participants will be required to sign a Covenant of Confidentiality (Search Commitee; Clergy). This covenant is non-negotiable for clergy and Search Committees. No committee or clergy will be registered who has not submitted a signed covenant. Failure to comply with the terms of the covenant will be grounds for asking a committee or clergy to withdraw from an event.

There will be no refund of registration fees once the "Preference Mailings" have been mailed out.

Participation in the event on the part of clergy is an implicit promise that she/he is open to move. No registration fees will be refunded because no church is registered from the geographical proximity of a clergy person's present home.

Contacts that began between participants prior to the receipt of the Face to Face registration materials may continue. However, churches and clergy agree not to initiate new conversations with participants in the upcoming Face to Face.

Use of video and audio taping devices in interview sessions is not permitted.

Every clergy participant must be registered in American Baptist Personnel Services, have a current (within 3 years) ABPS, and must be a clergy in good standing with ABCUSA. Senior seminary students and graduates must also be registered with ABPS to participate.

An important goal of Face to Face is to provide an inclusive environment for the search and call process. This will be an important consideration in recruiting participants, matching and implementing the Face to Face. Committees ARE REQUIRED TO interview candidates of both genders.

Clergy and church search committees from outside the participating regions will be allowed to register, as space is available with priority given to designated regions. References from the home Region Executive and Area Minister will be required along with the necessary registration material and requirements.

The Planning Team for the Face to Face event shall consist of one representative from each region participating in the event. The Planning Team for the Face to Face event will ensure that regions having church search committees and clergy registered will send representatives from those regions to assist in interview assignments, matching and overall support for implementing the event.

Regions will be responsible for mailing publicity provided by the Planning Team to church search committees and clergy eligible for the event as well as, publicizing the event in other appropriate communications or settings.

The Planning Team shall be responsible for an appropriate evaluation of each event and shall forward a report to the participating regions following each event regarding clergy and churches that participated.

Regions will be asked to report back to the Planning Team information about churches that call a pastor as a result of an event.