The Setting of the Host Church


Each day of the two days starts officially with worship. Music, scriptural lesson/preaching are key to our time of discerning God's will for our lives and our churches.

Two Larger Rooms for a short orientation following Friday's worship:

  • clergy participants will be directed to gather in one room
  • search committee members will be directed to a separate room

Interview rooms.

Church search committees are invited to come and setup early.

The setup may include banners from the church and materials for the table.

Within the guidelines established by the host church, the same room is reserved for the committee for the entire event.


Hanging files host materials of clergy and search committees. Here search committees and clergy can browse materials of those they are not scheduled to interview with. More about the library.

Each may use the Note Board system (explained during the first gathering) to contact one who is not scheduled with them to schedule a time to meet over dinner or lunch.

Please do not schedule any on the church premises either after Friday's or Saturday's last interviews. This is to be sensitive to the needs of the church hosting us.