This January 2017...

20 Years

Garland Criswell, Sr. Adult Ministries
  Peoria First Baptist

10 Years

Angela Baron-Jeffrey, Assistant Pastor
  New Hope Missionary, DeKalb IL

Greg Huguley, Pastor
  Elgin First Baptist

Monroe Saffold, PT Minister of Welcome
  Oak Park IL First Baptist

5 Years

Warren Brown, Pastor
  Cottage Hills First Baptist

Dennis Mumaw, Pastor
  Waverly IL First Baptist

Luis Rodriguez, Pastor
   Iglesia Bautista Nueva Vida, Rockford IL

This February...

-- No one on record. See note at end of
this scroll --

This March...

20 Years

Benjamin Manso, Pastor
  Iglesia Misionera Shalom, Aurora IL

10 Years

Samuel Shaker, Pastor
  First Baptist Church, Murphysboro IL

Sherri Kramer, Church Administrator
   Galesburg First Baptist

This April...

15 Years

Walter Holt, Sr. Pastor
  Macomb First Baptist

10 Years

Lanny Faulkner, Pastor
  Atwood First Baptist

Robert Scott, Pastor
  Central Baptist, St. Louis MO

Tom Smith, Pastor
  Berwick (IL) Baptist Church

This May...

20 Years

Daniel Siems, Pastor
  Galesburg First Baptist

10 Years

Ted Marrinan, Pastor
  Bethel Baptist, Taylorville

This June...

15 Years

Raymond Tidwell, Sr. Pastor
    True Faith Baptist Church, East St. Louis

Betty Tidwell, Jr. Pastor
  True Faith Baptist Church, East St. Louis

10 Years

Daniel Chisholm, University Heights Baptist
  Springfield MO

William Mitchell, Pastor
  Stonington First Baptist

This July...

30 Years

Leroy Mitchell, Co-Pastor
  New Hope Missionary, DeKalb IL

15 Years

Bonnie Cassida, Pastor
  Bethel Baptist, Columbia MO

10 Years

Brian Romanowski, Pastor
  Mahomet First Baptist

5 Years

David Bilyeu, Pastor
 Greenville First Baptist

Rod Little, Pastor
  St. Matthew Baptist, East St. Louis

Carol McEntyre, Pastor
  Columbia, MO First Baptist

Stephen Mechem, Pastor
  Second Baptist, St. Louis

David Rogers, Worship Director
  Belvidere First Baptist

James Vincent, Pastor
  Second Baptist, Peoria

This August...

15 Years

Steve Patzia, Teaching Pastor
  Cherry Hills Baptist, Springfield IL

10 Years

Chrissy Bartholomew, Youth Minister
  Oak Park IL First Baptist

Mark Keyser, Sr. Pastor
  Ridgeview Baptist, Danville IL

This September...

10 Years

Kim Henness, Worship and Children Min.
  Mattoon IL First Baptist

Carol Mausehund, Minister of Music
  Mattoon IL First Baptist

This October...

30 Years

Larry Wiese, Permanent Sunday Supply
  First Baptist, Orion IL

10 Years

Danny Miller, Interim Minister
  Beech Grove Baptist, Alto Pass IL

Todd Smith, Pastor
  Cambridge IL First Baptist

This November...

30 Years

Courtney Jones, Pastor
  Pleasant Grove Missionary, St. Louis

10 Years

Claudia McCain, Associate Pastor
  Macomb IL First Baptist  

5 Years

Jack Hannum, Pastor
  Moweaqua IL First Baptist

Brian Wilmarth, Congregational Care Pastor
  Cherry Hills Baptist, Springfield

This December...

20 Years
Karlous Kalu, Associate Pastor
  Second Baptist, Kansas City

Your GRR Staff celebrate these anniversaries of tenure.

If any above information is incorrect, please contact the GRR office to have that information corrected.

The list above is compiled from information GRR churches send in annual reports and from churches' communications with GRR ministerial Staff. Thank you.