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Find a Pastor By First / Last Name

To find contact information of the pastor you are looking for, please enter any portion of the beginning of the first and last name. (Though first name is not required, you will need to narrow down the list especially if it is a common name such as "Smith."

(Just the first few letters will do. For example: Typing in "jo" will bring up all churches whose name starts with those letters including all names such as johnson, jones, etc.)

Retired pastors are not included in this database, unless they are serving a church.

This directory is provided to ABC Churches of the Great Rivers Region as a networking tool in pursuing ministry and mission of the churches and of the ABC/GRR and ABC/USA. The ABC/GRR does not give permission to use it for any purpose that involves collection of contact information of churches and pastors by commercial interests and/or agents thereof. This is in accord with the privacy policy of all ABC/GRR web sites.